How to Apologize to Your Partner

    How to Apologize to Your Partner

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    If you're in a relationship, there is pretty much a guarantee that you will need to apologize at some point. While the whole idea of apologizing can be terrifying, it is essential for rebuilding broken trust and improving a strained relationship. Not sure how to say sorry? We've simplified the process for you!

    How to Apologize

    Step 1: Acknowledge your partner's hurt/anger

    Example: I recognize that you feel upset...


    Step 2: Apologize for what you said or did

    Example: ...and I am so sorry that I am late for dinner.


    Step 3: Briefly explain your own motives and perspective

    Example: I thought I could still beat the traffic rush leaving later from work, but I was wrong.


    Step 4: Apologize again

    Example: Again, I am so sorry.


    Final Example: "I recognize that you feel upset and I am so sorry that I am late for dinner. I thought I could still beat the traffic rush leaving later from work, but I was wrong. Again, I am so sorry."

    How to Receive an Apology

    Not only have we simplified the apologizing process for you, but we've also provided a simple guideline for receiving an apology.

    Step 1: Listen

    Step 2: Receive

    Step 3: Believe

    Step 4: Accept

    After you've accepted an apology, next comes forgiveness. This process can take some time, but forgiveness precedes rebuilding trust, which is essential for a relationship to heal and grow. Remember: Individuals forgive, but couples build trust together.

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