Relationship GPS

    Relationship GPS

    relationship gpsBenjamin Franklin once said, “Before marriage keep your eyes wide open, but then afterward, half shut.” That seems like such simple advice, but can be so hard when trying to find a partner in life.

    Scientists have found that love is blind, but you don’t have to be. There is a way to keep your head and heart in balance in order to avoid falling for that jerk / jerkette. When developing a relationship, there are five areas to know. These can easily be referred to by using the acronym of getting to know their FACES:

    F– Family background: The dynamics of childhood and family of origin experiences greatly shape the roles you fulfill in dating and ultimately in your marriage.

    A– Attitudes and actions of the conscience: Much of how a person acts in a relationship and especially a marriage is related to the maturity and functioning of his/ her conscience.

    C– Compatibility potential: In successful relationships, partners have a blend of similarities and differences in personalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

    E– Examples of other relationship patterns: History often repeats itself. Understanding the patterns of a person’s other relationships is vital.

    S– Skills for building and maintaining relationships: Communication and conflict resolution techniques are important to learn

    It is crucial to become the best and healthiest person you can be so that your relationship choices are maximized. Learning how to keep your heart working together with your mind will empower you to build healthier relationships and know what to expect in the exciting journey of picking a partner.

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