Smart Dating

    avoidjerkLove doesn't have to be a game of chance! This fun, free, and interactive course teaches singles what to look for in a healthy relationship, and how to identify key markers of an unhealthy relationship. Topics include:

    - The 3 Most Important Warning Signs of Difficult Partners

    - Key Areas to Get to Know Someone You're Dating

    - Keeping your Heart Safe and Judgment Sound

    This research-based program was developed by Dr. John Van Epp. You can learn more about his research here.

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    When asked what they liked most about this course past participants have said:

    "Very informative! Great Instructor!"
    "Ways to better myself to make and maintain healthy relationships."
    "How honest and so much information it has, I could relate to a lot of it."
    "That this course could be applied to all relationships with people at work / dating / family, etc."
    "Great materials. Lots of research."
    "Information provided in an easily digestible way ..."
    "I love this class!!"

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